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Frequently asked questions.

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A podiatrist is a professional licensed by law to treat local foot conditions that are non-systemic disease. In his professional practice, the podiatrist is also authorized to do radiology and to prescribe medication. He must be a member of L’ Ordre des Podiatres du Québec.

More specifically, the podiatrist :

  • identifies tumours, fractures, skin and nail diseases by observing the usual clinical signs, laboratory analyses and radiographs (he must then hold a radiology permit);
  • identifies problems affecting the musculoskeletal system of the feet, i.e. posture, alignment disorders, deformities and other types of deviations affecting the bones and articular structures of the feet;
  • diagnoses and evaluates gait disorders caused by weaknesses and defects in the posture of the feet;
  • performs surgical interventions in the treatment of local conditions, such as lesions affecting the integumentary system (skin and nails);
  • treats pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal system (deformities of the rearfoot, forefoot, flat feet);
  • carries out traumatological treatments of the feet (various types of sprains, stress fractures, tendonitis);
  • Prescribes all forms of footwear, such as orthoses and corrective footwear;
  • advises their patients on the rules to be followed during particular treatments, as well as on hygienic care;
  • administers and prescribes medication in accordance with the College’s regulations;
  • provides rehabilitation for traumatized feet and post-surgical rehabilitation to restore normal function to the feet when walking.

Taken from l’Ordre des Podiatres du Québec.

Podiatric consultation fees are not reimbursed by the RAMQ. However, most private insurance plans reimburse in part or in full for consultations and orthotics.

The Repentigny podiatric clinic will provide you with all the necessary documents for your claim, including the prescription of orthotics if necessary.

No. The podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine.  He is therefore authorized to evaluate, make the diagnosis, and perform the treatment and/or prescriptions necessary for your problem, without having to go through your doctor.

« A podiatrist diagnoses and treats injuries, deformities, malformations, ailments and lesions of the foot. He or she orders or manufactures appropriate orthopedic supports, administers and prescribes medication, performs minor surgeries, and rehabilitates the feet. In Québec, they must hold a doctorate in podiatric medicine and a practice permit issued by the Ordre des podiatres du Québec.

A prosthetic orthotist designs, manufactures, fits, repairs and maintains prostheses (artificial limbs) and orthopedic devices (orthoses or corsets) prescribed by a health professional such as a physician or podiatrist. Holders of a college diploma in orthotic and prosthetic orthopaedic techniques, they may be members of the Association des orthésistes, prothésistes et orthésistes du pied or the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec, but are not required to do so. »

Taken from Protégez-vous magazine published in January 2007.
Author: Stéphanie Perron

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