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Ingrown Nail Surgery

Local Anaesthesia

Several types of treatment are offered for an ingrown toenail, but when the situation persists or recurs repeatedly, we can suggest a permanent treatment that consists of removing of the problematic portion of the nail.

This surgery is done under (local) anesthesia and most of the time the nail remains aesthetically pleasing

Foot surgery

Under Local Anaesthesia

Some painful foot conditions, where conservative treatments have proven ineffective, require surgery.

Consult our podiatrists with surgical residencies to evaluate whether an operating room procedure is necessary.

What treatment is most appropriate for my situation?

The podiatrist is the health professional qualified to assess the foot condition.

Biomechanical evaluation

Gait Analysis

The biomechanical evaluation consists of verifying the structure and function of the foot in relation to the patient’s gait and posture. Indeed, a movement or a structure “out of the ordinary” can be the cause of several foot, leg, hip and back problems. The biomechanical assessment must be performed by a competent professional who understands the complex relationships between the various factors that affect posture and gait.

Biomechanical evaluation services
Foot orthotics services

Foot orthotics


The foot orthosis is used to control the faulty mechanics of a patient causing pain or to prevent the onset of symptoms. It can be prescribed and manufactured by the podiatrist to meet the patient’s needs.

In many cases, the cost of a foot orthotic is reimbursed by medical insurance plans.

Treatment of injuries


Following an evaluation by your podiatrist, the choice of treatment for the lesions is made. This will depend on several factors including the patient’s age, number of lesions, region of the foot and pathology.

Plantar warts services
Cortisone infiltration services

Cortisone infiltration


Cortisone infiltration is a procedure to relieve inflammatory pain. Usually performed with the help of ultrasound, it allows us to target the problem exactly before the infiltration. This technique is often used to relieve plantar fasciitis, neuroma, capsulitis, osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Foot Care


Podiatric foot care consists of relieving patients with painful lesions (corns, calluses) or problematic nails (thickened, discolored, ingrown).

Relief may be permanent. However, periodic care could be required in some cases to maintain relief. The techniques used are usually painless and are performed with sterile instruments.

Foot care services

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Medical Imaging

The clinic has an X-ray machine as well as an ultrasound machine.
Medical Imaging Services

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